Dröm dig hem




The assignment consisted of creating the new overall communications concept for Hemnet, which needed to appeal to buyers and sellers, homeowners and brokers.

The assignment’s objective was primarily to highlight Hemnet’s position on the market: Hemnet is the housing market. Another objective was to inspire more people to become interested in the housing market - Hemnet wanted to be a part of realizing people’s dreams of excellent living.


We opted out of traditional advertising channels and put all project resources into creating a reality series – Dröm dig Hem (Dream away) – about the people who buy or sell their homes, and about the brokers who facilitate the deals. We started from the idea that purchasing a home is one of the biggest decisions in a person’s life. The story of our homes is therefore also the story of our lives.The series focused more on the human aspects of the business than the practical ones, on the dreams that were fulfilled and sometimes ruined.

We produced 80 episodes, where each episode contained a five minute long story about a home being bought or sold, and the broker’s work. The program was presented as a collaboration with Hemnet but was an entirely editorial product that could be shared and seen wherever the viewers were; on a phone, computer or an iPad. We published five new episodes per week on Hemnet’s own platform, its own YouTube channel – Dröm dig Hem (Dream away) – and on several daily newspaper platforms.


Some of the participants were influencers/celebrities and through our contacts with various magazines, over 100 articles were generated about the series.

The format had a total of 6.5 million started streams.

The TV4 group ended up buying the show, which was cut to eight 30 minute episodes, and seen by 1.5 million people.

From Nepa’s evaluation: “Despite the cautious branding, 25% of the people connected Dröm Dig Hem with Hemnet. The program increased people’s interest in housing and improved their attitude of and relationship to Hemnet ”