Canal Digital

Brand Entertainment


We were looking for a character that could carry and personify the mission – to meet the challenges of the customer in a lighthearted, attentive way. In the end, the choice was Al Pitcher, a comedian who could make us see Canal Digital from a different perspective than we normally do.


Canal Digital were looking for an agency that could partner with them in the creation of movies and mobile content, which Canal Digital could upload in their own channels, primarily on Facebook.The content and subject matter of the films showcased Canal Digital’s own products, for example how satellite technology provides such good image quality, or that their subscription services include thousands of hours worth of series and movie content.


We created the concept ”The Swedish Syndrome”, where Al was instructed not only to check out Canal Digital, but also to investigate Sweden, the Swedish people and our behaviors. Al Pitcher immediately got hooked on the idea and the rest is history.