We gather people around stories - so compelling and enriching that they are passed on to others.



Everyone has a unique story worth telling, as long as it is presented in the right way. We believe in the power of well-crafted stories.

About your brand

Within each brand is a story that is bigger than just a product or a service, a story with the power to move people. This story is our starting point.

Focus on what is important

It is better to speak softly to someone who has actively chosen to listen, than to shout at someone who isn’t interested. We find topics and perspectives that work in the long term. Our main focus is relevance and credibility.

Smart distribution

We work according to the principle that good marketing is always about strong content and a strong distribution model. Feel free to come over for a coffee and we’ll tell you more!

We can help you with


- Distribution Strategy
- Digital analysis & Planning
- Research
- Branding Strategy
- Communication
- Content Strategy
- Consultation & Workshops


- Creative Direction
- Directors
- Scriptwriting
- Concept development
- Art Direction
- Copywriting

Account Management

- Project Management
- Social Media Management
- Production management / Logistics & Delivery
- Reporting, analysis & optimization


Kay Höök
Head of Brand Communication

Drama / Documentaries

We are passionate about stories that capture and influence our time. We produce documentaries and drama.

Together with the people who want to share these stories – the journalist, the scriptwriter, the eyewitnesses, the activists, the experts or the filmmakers – we have the knowledge and tools to craft, finance and record the story into high quality film with a global distribution.

In the new media landscape, we reach the large audiences. We format the stories to stand out, both on a mobile device and on cinema screens.

We create

National and international stories about important topics impacting large audiences.

We choose

Stories based on a variety of criteria, e.g. the story itself, public interest, subject matter, people connected to the project, financing opportunities and audience potential.


The Storyfire team of producers, screenwriters, directors and strategists format and plan the production for the right distribution format and budget.


With a detailed financing process and a solid international network, we execute quickly and effectively.


Storyfire has the technology, the studio and the expertise necessary to take responsibility and execute every stage of the production. Early on in the process, we format and plan the final product to work both on mobile devices and cinema screens.


Storyfire facilitates both local and global distribution.


Tobias Bringholm
+46 730 49 99 94

Helene Adler

Publishing / Distribution


A central part of our business is to ensure that our productions reach large audiences in the right target groups. By gathering all our stories, the content becomes easier to find and your brand becomes visible in the right context.

Reach your target audience

We have close relationships with broadcasters and TV companies and have established partnerships with major media houses. We know which paths lead to powerful decisions and which are dead ends. We do not only ensure that you reach a large audience, we also ensure that you reach your specific target group.

Leverage our strengths

We have experience in creating entertainment and stories that brings large sections of the population together. We have script writers who create stories that entertain and move people deeply, and strategists who ensure that our efforts have maximum effect.

Our products / Forms of collaboration

Branded Content
Brand entertainment
Scripted / Documentary / Editorial
License Agreements

Through our network of partners, who have a combined audience of millions, we make sure that your story reaches people.


Tobias Bringholm
+46 730 49 99 94

Kay Höök
Head of Brand Communication

Johan Skog
Creative Director/Director


Storyfire has some of the best and most experienced producers in the country, as well as a pool of directors with a good mix of experienced and fresh, competent content creators. We put together a team that suits the needs of your production.

Those who already know us, know what we bring to the table. And for those who are interested in trying us out, feel free to look at the range of projects we have produced for TV and advertising partners. Since we started Storyfire, we have worked with Forsman & Bodenfors, INGO, Garbergs, Ehrenstråhle, Lowe Brindfors, and many others. Our producers have been involved or developed multiple formats for TV, such as Halv Åtta Hos Mig, Böda Camping, Big Brother, Vem vill bli Miljonär, Idol, Vägens Hjaltar, Maria Wern – and much more.

Our Producers

At Storyfire you will find some of the best and most experienced producers in the country. Together, we produce stories for every format, from commercials and documentaries to full-length feature films.

Everything under one roof

We have a full-scale in-house model, meaning that we can provide everything needed for a film production: cameras, lighting, studio, post-production, editing, sound, animation, motion graphics, etc. If you want to add something to a project, we can easily take care of that with the help of our partners.


Andreas Segerfeldt
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Pelle Ohrgren

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